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Update on New Designs & Ideas

It's been a while since I finished my City & Guilds Blog. I have been a busy bee, in lots of different ways. I rejoined the Executive Committee of The Lace Guild, after a 5 year break. Being a trustee is a responsible position, one which I do not take lightly and there has been a lot of work to do. The Lace Guild is a non profit making Charity and has an accredited museum, which his home to an important archive of lace and related resources, including an extensive reference library. We employ 4 members of staff, but rely heavily on volunteers like myself, other committee members and those who volunteer quietly in the background. We could not exist without the help of all of our staff and volunteers. The Guild's main aims are to further the crafts of lace-making, in all it's forms and to encourage the design, development and professional presentation of lace. You can read more about us on our website: https://www.laceguild.org

Part of the work we do is to provide educational materials in the form of books. We publish a couple of books each year; again relying on volunteers to provide patterns. Early next year, The Lace Guild will be publishing a book of scarves and one of the patterns will be a design of mine in crochet. Here is a sneak preview:

The colour doesn't show up too well, but the yarn is Giza 4ply mercerised cotton and the shade is 'Glacier'. Giza is a lovley soft yarn that drapes well. The main section is in Solomon's Knot (or Lover's Knot) stitch, surrounded with leaves and flowers inspired by Irish crochet. Look out for the new book in the Spring on The Lace Guilds website.

Another design that I have been working on is a Torchon bobbin lace scarf. The yarn is Manos lace weight yarn (Cashmere, Baby Alpaca and silk), which has been hand-dyed in beautiful variegated tones. I started this project around the beginning of April and have worked approximately 45" in length. And it is almost finished .. off the pillow, but need to add some beads before posting a photo. Here is the scarf on the pillow.