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Module 12: Final Presentations

I suppose this is the module that I was really dreading having to start on. I know that I tried to keep records as I was working on them, but I worried that I didn't have enough. Part of this was because I had taken the full 5 years to complete the course and one forgets what one has done ... especially with my awful memory!

The main thing here is that all your records from each module will feed into this one. It is basically going to be a way of putting all your evidence into various categories.

It's not easy to decide how to organise your portfolio, but I looked at my evidence and decided which areas to focus on. These were:

  • Assessment pieces and Design Sampling

  • Design Portfolio

  • Portfolio of Samples

  • Candidates Notebook

I began by setting up a PowerPoint presentation for each of these areas. This takes time to do, but the next step was to go through ALL my files and folders and put images into the relevant presentations. I kept them in order, for example, when working on the Portfolio of Samples, I put them in order from Module 1, 2, etc.

Once I had copied all the information I needed into each presentation, I began work on careful labelling and cross-referencing.

I began work on my Candidates Notebook. Here is the Contents page, so that you can see what I included:

So, I had looked at each Module and found all the pages for an artist study and put them in Module order in slides 3-18, etc. The evidence from my notebooks was scanned and sample pages included. As you can see, this presentation consisted of 92 slides! All pages had a reference to which Module, Design or stitched sample they were used for.

Next, I looked at the Design Portfolio. I had a total of 5 presentations for this, as I decided each area needed its own. I had already copied the relevant pages to each file:

Here are sample pages from the colour file. There is the contents page and a page of images with references:

This portfolio has 106 slides and contains all the colour theory, design, samples and thread & fabric records. The other 4 are a similar size! Of course, there are going to be duplicate pages in some portfolios, as they are relevant to more than one area.

The Portfolio of samples contained sample images, but with cross referencing and details of fabrics & threads. I also included the design pages for each one and images of the evaluations I did, like this one:

In my Assessment and pieces and design sampling portfolio, I included all the pages from each module that related to each design and made 4 separate portfolios, each with around 50 pages. Here is the contents page from my light fitting. As you can see, I also included: Health & Safety pages; Timings, Evaluations etc.

I don't even want to know how many pages I did altogether, but it was a lot! Don't be disheartened though, as it's mostly cutting and pasting and if you keep appropriate records as you go along you shouldn't have any problems!

That's it! THE END!

Please let me know what you are up to and feel free to ask questions. In a couple of months I hope to start a new blog about what I am currently working on.

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