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Module 10: Fastenings & Trimmings: Part 2

Making Buttons and Beads:

I have made buttons before from materials like Fimo - a polymer clay, which is hardened in the oven and have also made Dorset buttons like these:

The photo on the right shows the back, finished with felt and a buttonhole stitch loop.

For this one (my favourite), I used hand painted fabric, hand embroidered the butterfly and a button kit to cover. Endless design possibilities!


Making beads was also great fun. Some were made using Fimo and other with fabric scraps, rolled up and decorated with embroidery and beads.

The first 2 sets of photos show part of the process and the rest are just a few of the many that I made:

Toggles, Frogs & Loops:

These samples were made from paracord. there are lots of examples on the web ... most are far superior to my puny sample!


I have been making tassels for a number of years ... just something I love; so this was a treat. To try out new ideas and methods was something I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first 2 samples are new ideas, using some of the fabulous decorative yarns available today.

These samples are new crochet designs by me. I noted ideas down years ago, but never got round to making them.

The last 2 are also crochet tassels ... not my designs, but made from patterns over 30+ years ago.

Well, that's it for this module. I hope you have found something new or inspiring here. If so, please let me know. Ask questions, make comments ... Ta! see you next time. x

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