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3rd Assessed piece: 3D Object - Developing a Design

It's so hard to choose now which of my assessed pieces is my favourite, but I have to say, it might just be this one!

The project was linked to Module 8, as it was to include transparent fabrics. The inspiration was my work from Module 8: Transparent fabrics.

Being given the opportunity to work with my own design developments to make something 3-dimensional made this a challenge that I relished.

I will share a few images here that show my Module 8 inspiration and my first sketches and ideas.

I think most of these are self explanatory. The bottom 2 images above show a first mock up. At this stage, I wasn't even sure how I was going to make it!

I decided to try to make my 'fronds' in heavy duty tracing vellum. I could use permanent markers to draw the design an then made a card and wire frame to hold them together for a 2nd mock up. Here it is perched precariously on top of a lamp .. are you beginning to get the picture?

I am very fortunate to have a husband who is an engineer. He made the stainless steel ring for my manipulated wall hanging and also the light fitting for this light shade.

I made some stitched samples to send in with my proposal. The samples was made up of layers of transparent fabrics, such as organza and lace and water soluble fabric. I used free machine embroidery to stitch the main shape, then added some hand embroidery down the centre. A soldering iron was used to burn and melt away parts of the shape. Wire was stitched into the back to enable me to shape the 'fronds' later on. I wanted them to look like fossils.

A further development was to add an extra layer in the form of an inner shade, based on a design development of a sketch of an Ammonite fossil.

This image shows how the 2 layers will fit together.

This is what I wrote for my presentation:

This shows the pattern development of the inner shade. This will be in a lighter coloured fabric (white / pale grey) and embellished with bobbin work and beads inspired by design 7 Module 4. It will also have wire stitched into the lower edge.

I made a mock up of the cone, so that I could develop the shapes accurately.

When I got the feedback from my tutor, she asked for some additional information about the fittings. These images show this. The light fitting gives an idea of size and the metal framework is described in the last photograph.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing the finished light shade. I am excited to share it with you.

It is a real treat to go back through my work and revisit it. Five years is a long time and after a while, one begins to forget what has been done.

Thanks for reading.

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