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2nd Assessment: Design a Manipulated Wall Hanging

As part of Module 7, I had to produce details of a full working design for a manipulated wall hanging. The final piece was to be completed along side Module 8.

It was suggested that I use the designs from my colour portfolio in Module 3 as the basis for my inspiration. I quickly decided on the images below. From quite an early stage, I had decided that my wall hanging would be circular. I wanted it to be completely different to the wall panel I made as my first assessed piece.

The designs were based on sketches and developments from Gothic cathedral windows and so naturally led to a circular motif.

The photograph here shows one of my initial sketches, with notes.

The basic shape is partly computer generated to get the right angles and then extra detail added by hand.

Here is the final sketch of ideas, with some photos used for inspiration ...

... and a colour palette, with colour development

The next step was to make some actual size templates and stitch some samples.

Along side this work, of course, it is critical to keep accurate records of what you do, try and alter. I used Microsoft's PowerPoint to create my presentations. Showing failed pieces and methods of changing ideas shows your ability to be self evaluating and experimental with working methods

I can highly recommend these two books for anyone wishing to try out manipulating fabrics:

Tinkering with Texture by Jennie Rayment

The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolf

In the next blog, I will show you how I made the final piece. It was definitely a labour of love and took longer than anticipated, but I am really thrilled with the end result. Check back for the next episode! Thanks for reading.

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