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Module 7: Dyeing Fabrics ... amazing experiments with colour - part 3.

So many different methods to colour your fabrics! I hope you have found some inspiration in parts 1 & 2. Here are some other experiments, some of which, I will definitely use again:

Acrylic paint; fun with Sharpies; spray paint and a couple of examples using silk painting & Batik techniques.

Acrylic paint is great used on fabric and can be thinned with water or used thickly to give texture.

This is cotton fabric, which has been stencilled in watered down paint over a paper doily and printed with thicker paint. My granddaughter loved helping me!

Here I have used more watery paint on damp fabric, then added detail using a fabric pen. I love this. There was no intention to create poppies ... they just grew out of the paint!

This piece was created using very watery paint on wet fabric. It was very spontaneous ... no planning.

Sharpie pens (or any permanent marker) can be fun to use and create some interesting results. This was drawn very quickly on wet fabric, then left to dry.

I loved making this spray painted fabric. Calico was crumpled then sprayed with black, red and gold paint. The black and red paints were car paint and the gold was decorative spray. Leaves were used as masks in between layers of paint. I really love the spray effect; especially as it looks crumpled, but is ironed flat. It was messy, so I worked outside. Leaves were taken from a Japanese maple tree in my garden.

Finally, for this unit on colouring fabric are examples of silk painting and Batik.

Which techniques would you like to try out? They are all fun, but some have better results than others. Please leave comments or ask questions. Thaks for reading. xx