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Module 5: Stitched Samples - Quilting

This was fun. I began by researching Quilting in as many forms as I could. I put the information together in a book and then included this with my portfolio. There are many diverse ways of displaying or presenting your research. It's good to try out a few of them throughout the course.

Here are my quilted stitched samples. The first one is based on one of my design developments, so I was thinking that you really need to label and cross reference all of your drawings, designs and samples, showing how they are connected. I have shown the design motif I chose and 2 quilting samples. There were 5 altogether, plus 1 experimental sample using 'Suffolk Puffs'.

Italian Corded Quilting

Shadow quilting

The final sample is of the Suffolk Puffs. I experimented with various shapes in this technique and with a range of fabrics, threads and other materials. When I had made a few samples, I couldn't decide what to do with them, then one day, I was cutting up a piece of wooden dowel for another project and I got the answer! So here it is:

The pieces were stitched together using a needle lace technique and attached to the wrapped frame created from the dowel. I used both sides of the puffs for varying effect and overlaid some, before embellishing with beads. Can you spot the one made from plastic wrapping?

This is a really fun technique to try. It would be great to see photographs of any that you have tried. Thanks for reading :)

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