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Module 5: Form

This Module got me really excited as the inspiration for my drawings and designs came from my love of Shakespeare. The theme was 'Media', so my resources were taken from Newsletters and leaflets and also from the Internet. As an RSC member, I receive regular newsletters, so they were readily available resources.

So to begin with, the usual sketches, photographs and research from both primary and secondary sources. I used a mixture of sketches and samples cut out from my resources.

Here are some source examples.

Sample sketches

From these I focused in on one part to create 'motifs' to use in design developments. The aim was to create patterns. these could be repeating, or in blocks, for example.

Here is a series of images which show the design progression:

1. This image was sketched from the middle example above: What's in a name? It is a simple line drawing.

2. I photocopied and reduced the image, then arranged in a block of 4.

3. Adding colour: the first was pencil and then I used felt tips for the second sample.

I took the colour inspiration from this study of The Beatles, by Andy Warhol:

In total, I created over a dozen samples. Here is a sample I created on my laptop: I used the 'hands of Lady Macbeth' above and drew this simple image in Paint.

below you can see how I copied and rotated the images to put together to create a pattern.

Of course, there is also the theory to work on, in this case: Form. I also continued to evaluate my work, keep notes of where I found sources and collect samples of tickets and leaflets, etc from shows and museums.

Finally, to include 'Form' as part of the design process we were asked to consider how to present our work. I chose to make samples into hanging lanterns and photographed them in the garden:

The second part of Module 5 is Stitched Samples, to follow shortly.

Thank you for reading and remember to comment or ask questions below. Happy Stitching.