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Module 4: Texture - Part 2

I hope you are finding all of this useful! I remember looking for help on the Internet and coming away feeling completely alone. Don't get me wrong, there was help at the end of the email line or on the phone, but sometimes ... just sometimes, that isn't enough.

Before I begin on the next section, I want to talk about evaluation ... yes it is important. As a teacher, I learned the value of evaluation at an early stage and used it consistently throughout my teaching career. I believe that the day I have nothing to learn, is the day I give up living ... yes really! We can all learn something every day and to evaluate what we have done or where we are at is key to this process. If you are unsure of where to begin then use this template as a beginning for each aspect / thing you wish to evaluate:

  • What went well?

  • What went wrong?

  • What would I do differently?

End with an overall assessment of the end result.

Remember to continue collecting evidence for your course notebook. This can be in the form of notes, sketches, photographs, tickets, leaflets, etc.

Design development:

For this module, I had to produce a number of 'painted papers' that were going to be used in the development of my designs. This was a really fun activity, and one that you could try out lots of techniques. I used large sheets of cheap paper for this. Here are some examples:

These papers were then used in design developments, as shown in this example;

This design from a sketch of a fossil used several painted papers.

A further aspect of design was the manipulation of paper to create texture.

This is a textural development of a sketch of an Orthocorus fossil.

During this module, I also began to make notes and keep records of materials purchased and materials used from my own stock/stash; as well as key points for Health & Safety. Again, this is important evidence for your portfolio.

The final chapter for this Module will follow: Stitched Samples.

Please remember to have fun in the midst of all this ... after all this is what life should be about!