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Module 4: Texture - Part 1

This was one of my favourite modules as I got to sketch and use my photographs from holidays in one of my favourite holiday destinations ... Cornwall!

The theme for the work was landscapes and geological formations. The cliffs, rocks, beaches in Cornwall and my fossil collection were the inspiration for this module.

Here are a selection of images showing some of the many sketches I made ... again using a range of approaches and materials to draw with. Some detailed sketches, quick and simple, colour, etc.

Along side the sketches, I made notes on the theory of texture in design and art and collected images of texture to use in my portfolio.

I found Microsoft's 'One Note' a really useful tool for collecting bits of information and noting website details, etc, which are important for your Bibliographies. It is so easy to get carried away with research and then realise that you haven't made notes of where you found the details!

My artist study came about by a happy accident. I was visiting Bratislava with my sister-in-law, for a short break and we went to visit the National Museum. Here we discovered Ivan Pavle. Ivan is a Slovakian artist working in Bratislava.

His art has been displayed at the National Gallery. His work is influenced by the human form and its inner emotions. He uses a range of materials to ‘extend the possibilities of sensory perception’. He has exhibited work in several European countries, including Germany and Holland and also in America and Thailand. You can find his website at this address: http://www.ivanpavle.sk/omne_en.html

I was overwhelmed by his work - the wonderful use of colour and texture and the shear scale of many of the pieces made me feel very emotional!

So, sometimes, you don't even have to look ... you just come across things; but, if you ahve to look then my advice would be don't look too hard. Choose quickly and stick to that choice! After all, this is just an exercise to complete, so don't stress about it.

In addition to the above, I

also had to research ''smocking', as this was going to inform my stitched sample work.

Here is a sample page from my notebook. I scanned the pages to include in my Portfolio presentations.

I think that's enough for now! Part 2 will look at different methods of painting papers and how I then used them in design development.