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Module 3: Colour - Part 2

Moving on swiftly to design work. There are many ways to develop designs, but your collection of drawings, sketches, computer images, photographs, stencils, etc, will be the basis, so you do need to have this in mind while you are working on them. For me, developing my work into designs was a problem that I needed to overcome. It takes time to work out ideas when you are on your own! However, there were lots of hints and tips and help available in the module notes and from my tutors.

To begin with, I used a viewfinder to locate some interesting samples.

So, from this rose window, I used a viewfinder to take this image:

Sometimes, I use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce an image to get it to a size that is easier to work with. Try tracing over your image and using colour and texture to make a few examples.

This stencil was created from an image similar to the one above:

This is a traced image, using a light box. I then scanned it into the computer and used Adobe Photoshop to add colour

Finally, in this example, the image above has been further developed to create this paper and card collage, which could eventually become a stitched sample:


  • Try cutting a sketch or design development into strips and rearranging.

  • Explode your sketch or design as in this sample:

Part 3 will consider the theory of colour; an artist study; ideas for things to collect and put in your portfolio

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I will do my best to answer.