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A Blog I forgot to publish! Paint, Applique, Stitch Workshop

Had a lovely 4 hours in April today teaching a fab group of ladies at Sunshine House Community Centre in Wigan. A warm, welcoming venue with great facilities, including a cafe serving delicious food.

I don't intend to Blog about all my workshops, but this one was so lovely

None of the ladies had tried this before, but worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating painted fabric landscapes and mandalas before lunch. WE left the work to dry over lunch so we could concentrate on the applique and stitching later on.

After we had eaten a lovely lunch in the cafe, I introduced applique with fusible webbing and we started to embellish with embroidery and beads. For most of the group, this was their first experience of this style of textile artwork and they produced some promising results.

As is often the case, time ran out, so there is work to do at home. The Images 2 & 3 are work done by my 2 nieces, aged 10 and 14.

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