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Module 1: Line and beginning the Design process:

Line is the first element of art to be considered in this qualification. It is one of seven main elements that help us to create design. Through this module I discovered why it is important to understand line and also that I need to be more analytical of other design and art work. This can help our understanding of why and how art is created.

I have always created things, but wanted to know more about design. I don't want to be a designer .. I am a textile artist, but to get better at this, I believe it is fundamental to understand the design process.

For me, the first step in design is knowing why and what I am designing for .. what will it be and how will it be used?

For my C&G, I had to understand that drawing something and designing something are 2 completely different things. I began with simple line drawings of Maple leaves.

I then made more detailed sketches to include shade and texture.

These drawings would become the basis for my design development. This can take a number of formats, but I began with using a viewfinder made from card (just 2 L-shaped pieces that I could use to create a focused view of one area of my drawing), as in the image aside.

The next step was to copy and enlarge the chosen sections so that I had a new image to work with. These would then be enlarged and embellished with pattern ...so creating new designs!

here is one example:

The image was enlarged and then embellished with pattern.

Here is one colour scheme with different patterns.

Following this, simplified designs were prepared to use for stitching samples... specifically samples 1, 4 and 5 Refer to Module 1 Stitched Samples.

The next step in drawing was to look at texture. Firstly, by mark making, as in this example.

Looking at an image with eyes half closed enables one to see the delineation between light and dark. These sketches would become the basis for the second stitched sample.

A further idea for design development was to take an image from the original leaf sketches. I made a leaf template, then traced it onto the mark making sheet above, then cut and exploded the pieces.

The next section will explain about the stitched samples for this module. Page 3 will include more information about the design process.

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