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City and Guilds L3: Craft Design & Embroidery

I began this journey in October 2012, just over a year after a forced early retirement from Primary teaching on health grounds. My husband wanted me to have a new focus and paid for me to do this as a distance learning course. It took 5 years to complete, due to many and varied reasons, including: procrastination, resistance and other inner struggles, together with health issues. But, hey, guess what? I did it ... I damn well got there despite everything thrown at me.

I had wanted to do this Blog from the beginning of the course, but also wanted to wait until it was complete so that I could include everything that may be of help to anyone who may need it. So, Module, by Module, I will recount the highs and lows; show you what I achieved and give hints and tips on techniques that will, hopefully, help you to become better at what you do!

I completed my C&G as a distance learner. This in itself has both positive and negatives, but I was fortunate to have an understanding and helpful tutor, together with online support from others in chat rooms and groups. There are many courses out there that have similar outcomes, and many that this blog could relate to in different ways.

To begin with though, I suggest you visit shows, exhibitions, galleries and attend workshops to gain new skills or hone old ones. Collect leaflets, photos, tickets and anything that relates to your current theme or module title. I kept these in plastic wallets and scrap books. It is vital to label and date everything and add a reference to each and every sketch, photograph, design you make. This will save time when preparing your portfolios. Take photographs of the steps you take along the design journey, so that you have evidence that you have completed the work yourself. This is key for verification purposes. In the end, it is far better to have too much.

Module 1 will be coming up shortly and each month for the next 12 months, I will tell you about my journey into the world of City & Guilds and textile design.

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