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Module 3: Stitched Samples

The design and theory aspects of the modules are very interesting and I do enjoy them, but I must say that I loved this part of the work the best. Stitching is so therapeutic and comforting. It is a form of meditation for me and it simply makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

The first sample is basic turned applique, using a design development or part of a sketch as the basis for the design.

This sample was from a Gothic window:

The ruler is evidence of the size.

Altogether, there are 5 stitch samples, including an experimental piece, which was fun to do.

Here is another sample, from one of the computer design developments. The small rings are metal washers wrapped with thread and the blue and purple pieces are cut from dyed/painted wet wipes:

This is the design process for a 3rd sample:

This reverse applique example was made in felt.

And now ... an experimental piece. The design was taken from my Line designs in Module 2:

Remembering to add snippets of fabric, threads and sample sequins, beads etc, to my fabric and thread sheets was extremely helpful when putting together my portfolios.

That's it for colour! Please feel free to ask me anything about my work.

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