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Module 3: Colour - Part 1

This was a rather lengthy module, so I am posting in 2 or 3 parts over the next week. Stitched samples will follow later this month.

The work was to be based on an historical theme: history of mankind and could be from any period in time.

A visit to Bruges was the catalyst for my work in this portfolio. I based the theme on Gothic Architecture; something I have been interested in for many years. In some ways, a strange theme for colour work, as the main architectural forms are very limited in colour, but this contrasts so vividly with the vibrancy of the colours used in stained glass windows, which create wonderful light effects inside the buildings. Additionally, there are some fantastic works of art in many of the buildings

Looking back through my archive of photographs from holidays and trips out, I discovered many examples of places we have visited over the years. The wonderful cathedrals, Abbeys and other buildings have such beautiful shapes and amazing spaces and always evoke a feeling of wonder at the astonishing skill and workmanship they contain.

I began with some line drawings, then tonal sketches, which are more loose and rough. Both primary and secondary sources were useful'.

Next,I moved on to work in more detail and colour, as in this example from York Minster:

Several medium types were used, including: water colour, archival ink and wash, crayon, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, computer edited images, etc. It isn't important to be a great artist, but just be willing to have a go! try with lots of different mediums and sooner or later you will find some things that you love to work with. I dislike drawing with felt pens, but used them several times to good effect.

It is fun to make stencils, such as this one from an image of King's College Cambridge, which was sponged over with acrylic paint.

The idea is to build up a bank of work that will serve as inspiration for design ideas.

For this Rose window, I used a pale photocopy of an image, which I then copied several times and coloured using various mediums.

This example has been coloured with felt pen.

Finally, I made some computer manipulated images in Photoshop. This was fun to do and resulted in some interesting images. Here are some I made from a sketch of a triptych in Cologne Cathedral.

Part 2 will consider how these images could be used the basis for design.

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