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Module 2: Stitched Samples

This page focuses on counted thread embroidery.

It was great to finally get to do some stitching after all the preparation.

Sample 1: Cross Stitch and Assisi Embroidery

I found this module of samples easier to do, as there is a more regimented approach. I used squared graph paper to try out the design, adding colour too.

This example was taken from one of the original design developments and consists of 2 halves: the top section is counted thread cross stitch and the lower half is Assisi work.

Sample 3: Blackwork

For this piece, the brief was to be more experimental, perhaps colouring the fabric or using metallic threads, for example. I wet and crumpled the fabric, then painted it with a procion dye and over-sprayed areas with a metallic paint. I used a variety of stitches and appliqued a couple of areas with silk scrim.

Sample 4: Canvas Work

This sample introduced canvas work. The brief was to divide the canvas into blocks and use at least 12 stitches to fill them. Having previously only use half cross stitch on canvas, I found this very rewarding to do. I particularly enjoyed the withdrawn thread section at bottom R.

Sample 5: Experimental Canvas Work

This was my favourite piece to stitch. The ideas developed from photographs taken on a trip to the Isles of Scilly. I had taken photographs during an evening walk on the beach, as I was amazed by the variety of seaweed and jellyfish there. I also thought of what images remind me of the islands and the sight of waves crashing on the rocks out at sea was very emotional, given the history of shipwrecks in the area.

I decided to cut my canvas in the shape of a sail and try to incorporate some of the images I had seen.

This was the end result and I am very happy with it. I used a range of threads, including stranded thread, rayon machine embroidery thread and textured yarns. I experimented with some thin white packing foam I had saved and used it to create ‘waves’ by stitching through it and gathering it in a random way to create a 3D effect. I had to over-stitch part of the beach area as I had forgotten to include an area representing the sea in front of the large rock.

Textured couched yarns and threads created a good effect. For the rock itself, I also wanted a 3D effect, but didn’t know what to do until my husband came to the rescue with some grey craft foam he had been using for another project. I cut it into small triangular pieces and stitched it down to cover the area. I over-stitched some areas with cross stitch and small pieces of a net fabric with a metallic thread, to create some contrast. Small areas were also stitched with straight stitches, cross stitches, etc.

I hope you have fun trying out your own samples. :)

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